A Parent's Guide to Emotions and Behaviour

About the Book

That’s JUNGLE!

If you’ve picked up this book, it means you understand just how complicated parenting can be. You know the stakes are high and you want to get it right, but there’s no clear method that’s accepted as the best way. So which advice do you follow?

I’m a mother and a child psychiatrist. As a mother, I’ve done my share of trial and error. I’ve also studied medicine and then more about the mind and emotions. Professionally, I’ve met thousands of children and parents who have come for advice and, over time, I’ve noticed a pattern. Children struggle with their emotions and then parents struggle with their behaviour. It’s all about BIG EMOTIONS.

Children need to learn how to cope with their emotional world and their emotions are swirling so wildly that they can’t work it out by themselves. It’s our job, as parents, to teach them how. It’s a tough job but an important one.

We want to introduce our little monkeys to the ways of a civilised world but along the way, they put up some wild resistance. Sometimes we get yelled at or insulted because our children’s instincts are to Come out Fighting. That’s the LAW OF THE JUNGLE, but it’s not how the real world works. Our children have a lot to learn and it’s up to us to teach them.

Consider this book like an instruction manual for parents, with straightforward, practical strategies put forward with a light hearted sense of humour and a whole lot of common sense. This book will help you recognise when your children enter the jungle and will give you strategies to lead them out of it. It might even give you a chuckle when you start to recognise the jungle in adults.

Our children need to learn from experience about how to handle big emotions. This book will help you provide the framework for that to happen.