About the Jungle

Emotions can be overwhelming

Emotions can be overwhelming

Emotions swirling deep inside us don’t always stay in a nice tidy bundle.

Frustration, anger, disappointment, embarrassment and even excitement can swirl to the point of overload. When children don’t know how to settle themselves, they quickly become overwhelmed. The EMOTION isn’t the problem. It’s the SIZE.

They cross the line and enter the JUNGLE!

They cross the line and enter the JUNGLE!

When a child’s emotions get too big for them to manage, they cross a line and enter the jungle.

Primitive instinct takes over and the call of the wild says, ‘If in doubt, come out fighting!’. Whether it’s arguing, insults, shouting or hitting, THAT’S JUNGLE! Underneath it all, this child’s really not coping, but on the surface this little monkey looks primed and ready for a fight.


LAW OF THE JUNGLE says ‘Whoever Does It Best Wins’

If it ends up with Law of the Jungle, then whoever fights best will win.

But it doesn’t have to go that way. If they’re the only one in the jungle they can’t win. Their jungle behaviour will intuitively set traps to get us to fall into the jungle with them, but now we can recognise this for what it is. They’re not coping and they’ve gone Jungle!

Join Me

Join Me?...

If we keep the line clear in our minds we can hold ourselves back from the edge, but it’s hard!

Even if we stay calm at first, they won’t immediately give up. They’re asking “If I carry on enough, will you join me in the jungle?’ They test us again and again and we have to pass.

Fresh Start

Fresh Start

Once we have strategies to deal with Jungle behaviour, so much more becomes possible.

Time together without arguments leaves more room for fun, laughter, listening and sharing. If you want to know more, you can buy the book or attend a presentation and don’t forget to like us on Facebook for updates as well.