Nice Words

Brilliant! This approach is applicable in ALL stages and ages! Very glad I attended, will absolutely be retraining myself and my kids this weekend. Make way for better days! :) Thank you Brenda

Karen Clark

Awesome stuff! Thank you for your words of wisdom. It was very helpful and practical. These principles are easy and very achievable.

Bernadette Dias

Thank you! As a parent and as a teacher, the jungle is now so much more obvious to me. Awareness! I gained a great deal from your presentation; this will help me at home and in the classroom.

Elizabeth Cain

Your content and message is incredibly practical and palatable. Your voice is very easy to listen to. Best explanation for ADHD I've ever heard. You told the whole story - what is the jungle, why kids go there, how to try to avoid it, what to do to help them get out of the jungle. Clear practical and doable.

Sarah - Teacher

So informative, I think I learnt just as much about my own emotional responses as well as my students! Great use of the jungle analogy as well as the soccer/ref analogy. Looking forward to defining the line for my students.

Jacqueline Parr - St Patrick's College Gympie

The 'Jungle' concept is excellent. Removal of confrontation as a means of dealing with behavioural issues is the strongest aspect of this approach. May need a shovel to dig a ditch to "Stay out of the Jungle"

Philippe Vial

Excellent presentation- Insightful, informative and inspiring. Provides tools and framework which is simple to follow and gives a way out of the Jungle.

Peter Simmons

The book is great. Best bit's 5 mins in room with play things to calm, especially for kids with special needs.

Kerri O'Connor

I have been to many seminars as a carer, but this by far has been so helpful to help me understand the emotions of a little person both in care and out of care. As an adult who was a child in care, I get it! Thank you for taking the time to educate us Rangers of the jungle :) Much appreciation and respect to you! 

Michelle Szczygielski

Well delivered. Makes sense. Wow, love the line / very close to line most times. Really made me look at myself. 

Donna French

Fantastic! Makes so much sense. Very simple, yet powerful. Perfect tool to set them up for life. Thanks :) 

Kathryn Arnold

Always a great presentation. Love it and it works!

Daphne Bryan

I read the book in one sitting. Common sense is alive and well! "It's a Jungle" has brought together simple concepts to assist families and to allow adults to see what goes on in a child's head. 

Lisa McGuire

Great visuals

Great explanations

Elaborative and well explained, clear and explicit

Could really relate to the speaker's examples and scenarios

Elkee Whitaker

Fabulous! Easy strategies to understand and apply. Love your book too. I wish more parents could access this type of information. 

Dani Blackburn

Brenda raised so many real issues that we as teachers and parents face everyday. It made sense and made us feel worthwhile! 

Charlie McIntosh

I love that there is an easy way to respond to help children settle and children will be able to manage the simplicity of it. 

Michelle Kelly

Very enlightening; well explained; good use of examples and visuals. Able to relate to personal experiences along the way and learn a different way of looking at it. 

Kristine Campbell

Wonderful training, very informative! I would love to have youth workers attend the training to apply to residential settings. Thank you! :) Training makes a lot of sense, it's clear and consistent, easy to remember and apply. 

Natasha Brookes

Really loved it with such simple steps of not going into the Jungle. Awesome steps that would even work on adults. 

Tracey Smith

Very grounded and practical. A great way to look at the world. I hope I can stay on the right side of the line more! 

Rebecca Wiley

I have only just recently purchased this book. Best book ever. Slowly getting the hang of it all and Master 4 & a half just says to me, I love the fresh start! 

Fiona Hawkins

Thank you Brenda for a very visual, practical and relatable presentation. Handouts were succinct and useful. Real life examples were all excellent and helped to secure our understanding. Very useful approach to understanding child behaviour and behaviour management in schools. 

Tara Reynoldson- Pallara State School

At a personal level, we found Brenda's manner and mode to be a 'breath of fresh air'. She displayed enormous empathy for and affinity with teachers, and effortlessly wove questions, queries and 'redirects' into her presentations. Her anecdotes, mixed with "clinical truths", provided just the degree of levity required in considering a complex and emotive issue. 

David Bliss- Principal, Immanuel Lutheran College

At a professional level, Brenda most evidently 'walked the talk'. Our second seminar focused on students who exist in our schools with special needs, diagnosed or otherwise. Many conditions were specifically considered, ranging from ADHD to Aspergers. The insight shared helped all staff to greatly comprehend the range of complexities and, moreover, the 'buttons', large and small, which can be pushed to significant positive or negative effect in each child's progress from an academic or social perspective. Literally, there was something in it for everybody. 

David Bliss- Principal, Immanuel Lutheran College