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by Dr Brenda Heyworth

Stress, frustration and conflict.
We don’t want them but they keep turning up
in important places!

At home, at school and at work, we know how it feels. Emotions get messy and relationships get strained. Our wellbeing and mental health suffer.

Emotions are a complicated part of life, but they don’t have to be this damaging.

Whether it’s about stress at work, fighting at home, or teaching children at school, this website can help you make sense of those tricky situations and develop practical ways to manage stress, frustration and conflict.

Arrange a workshop, buy a book, or ask Dr Heyworth to custom design an approach to suit your unique situation.


Dr Brenda Heyworth understands the messiness of emotions and has a knack for explaining them in ways that are interesting and make practical sense.

She’s a Psychiatrist and an Educator, with thirty years’ medical experience and Harvard qualifications in Learning Design.

She has delivered more than one hundred workshops, tutorials and keynote presentations on topics relating to mental health, wellbeing, emotions and behaviour. She is also the author of the popular parenting book, ‘It’s a Jungle – A Parents’ Guide to Emotions and Behaviour’.

With honesty, warmth and a touch of humour,
Dr Heyworth creates resources to educate and empower adults.

Different problems emerge from different settings, so Dr Heyworth’s work has focussed into 3 distinct streams; related to home, school and the workplace. For resources that relate to your particular circumstances, please select from the settings below.

For parents, grandparents, foster care and kinship care.

For teachers, teacher aids, wellbeing officers, principals, guidance officers, anyone working with children in school,

For employees and managers across any industry.


The Story Behind a Child’s Behaviour: How to Read it and How to Help

presented by Dr Brenda Heyworth

At Early Childhood Conference – ‘Every Story Matters – Empowering Early Educators to Embrace and Nurture Each Child’s Narrative CEWA

  • Perth Hyatt Regency  7-9th March 2024

Dr Heyworth will also be on the Plenary Panel to discuss, ‘The Future of Early Childhood Education: Trends and Innovation’

For more information and to register, visit


Student Emotions in the Real World and Teachers’ Too!

presented by Dr Brenda Heyworth

At POSITIVE SCHOOLS 2023 ‘Wellbeing in Action’ conferences

  • Brisbane BCEC 8th June 2023
  • Sydney SMC 26th Oct 2023
  • Melbourne MCEC 9th Nov 2023
  • Perth Fremantle Rydges Hotel 23rd Nov 2023

For more information and to register, visit

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    Ways to understand stress, frustration and conflict (how we work)

    • It’s a Jungle
    • Self-control
    • Design for change (and reference to published chapter)…

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