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Invite Dr Heyworth to provide information sessions for parents.

Dr Heyworth’s enthusiasm is infectious as she brings a relaxed sense of humour and practical strategies to the serious issue of children’s emotions and behaviour. Over more than a decade,  she has run countless workshops and presentations for parents, foster carers, teachers, doctors and guidance officers.

Topic examples include:

  1. IT’S A JUNGLE: helps understand the link between emotions and behaviour, with practical strategies to use at home or school.
  2. ADOLESCENCE: looks inside the chaos and confusion of adolescence to understand their need for connection and support as they grow into adults.
  3. ANXIETY AND EVERYONE: covers how anxiety is natural in everyone and how experience can affect this (for better or worse), with practical strategies to help children collect a sense of safety and genuine confidence as they grow. 
  4. CONDITIONS: covers various mental health conditions that can make it more difficult for children to stay out of the jungle (e.g. ADHD, ASD, PTSD, RAD, Anxiety, language or learning disorders).

With options for half-day, full-day or 90-minute sessions, we can arrange a single session or you can book several in a sequence. Choose what suits your needs. We’re here to help.


If you would like Dr. Heyworth to present at your next event, please make contact via the form, or call  0427 700 211

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